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A Cloud OCR Service to Convert Scanned PDF and Image Files to Editable Documents

About Dynamsoft Document Capture

Dynamsoft Document Capture is a new online document capture service that uses optical character recognition (OCR) so users can convert scanned PDF or images into document formats that allow the words to be edited, copied or pasted. The new service is scalable, so it is accessible by any single person or for enterprise accounts requiring thousands of page scans. This on-demand service helps people seeking to migrate from wasteful paper-based workflows to efficient digitized document and records management.

The automated OCR takes moments, converting images or scanned PDFs to documents that can be edited in popular word processing software.

Dynamsoft Document Capture is also provided as RESTful service. Check out the API Reference ›

What we can do for You

Convert Tables to Excel

Extract tabular data and convert table images to Excel spreadsheets (.xlxs) for easy editing, sharing, data modeling and more.

Convert PDF and JPEG to Word

This service can recognize the text in an image-based PDF file, a scanned file or a photo and save the result in a Word document (.docx) for editing.

PDF compression and PDF/A

You can also create pdf/a files for archiving and long-term preservation. MRC (Mixed Raster Content) is also supported, which is a compression technology to minimize the size of PDF and PDF/A files.

Scan a book to eBook

If you own the copyright to a book, you can scan it and save it as a searchable ePub document. The layout and formatting of books will be retained.

Our Key features

Document Scanning

Users simply create an account to start scanning documents or uploading image files to the service. Integrated with Dynamic Web TWAIN, you can scan documents, books, checks and other paper forms from TWAIN/SANE/ICA scanners.

Language List

It allows users to extract the text of Asian languages and Western languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, French, Spanish and 100+ others. Both Latin and Cyrillic scripts are supported.

Export to Cloud

After recognition, users can export finished files to local machines or directly to cloud storage services, such as Box®, Dropbox® or OneDrive®.

Our Key featuresOur Key features

Protect Your Privacy and Ensure Confidentiality

  • Your images files will be immediately purged from our server after the text recognition finishes.
  • The service features SSL security during network transport.
  • You can choose to permanently delete the recognition result files at any time. Otherwise, the files will stay on our server for 30 days before being removed.
  • The server is rigidly protected from unauthorized access.
  • Your files will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.

Pricing and Availability

The service was designed to be used by non-IT users via any modern Internet browser. It is ideal for any individual or enterprise user looking for flexible solutions for OCR, document archiving and records management. Four price points exist, ranging from $3 per year letting you scan and convert up to 100 pages to $950 per year for 100,000 pages. Custom packages are also available.