Buy Credits

Suitable for business use; One account can have multiple users.

Pack XS Pack S Pack M Pack L
100 pages 1,000 pages 10,000 pages 100,000 pages
$ 3/ year $ 15/ year $ 135/ year $ 950/ year
To customize your package, please contact us at or via online chatting.


  • 1. What payment methods do you support?

    Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

  • 2. What if the credits are not used up in one year?

    All the unused page credits can be transferred to the following year – provided that you renew your subscription before expiration.

    For example, you have 10 page credits expiring on Jan 30, 2017,

    - If you buy an XS-package (100 pages) before Jan 30, 2017, say, on Jan 25, then you get 110 page credits expiring on Jan 24, 2018.

    - If you buy an XS-package (100 pages) after Jan 30, 2017, say, on Feb 25, then you get 100 page credits expiring on Feb 24, 2018.

  • 3. If I add more users to my account, do I need to pay more?


  • 4. Can I ask for a refund for the remaining credits?


  • 5. Security

    • SSL is used for secure network transport.

    • Short file lifecycle – In a typical scenario, a file only lives on Dynamsoft server for a couple of minutes. Dynamsoft Document Capture

    • For the files uploaded to the Dynamsoft server, direct access via URL is blocked.

  • 6. Free trial

    Each newly signed up account will be granted 25 free page credits, expiring in one week.

  • 7. Standard user vs. admin user

    One Dynamsoft account has one admin user.

    Available Actions Standard User Admin User
    Invite a new user Y
    Delete a user Y
    View the user list under the same account Y Y
    View and edit credit card info Y
    Buy more credits with the credit card on file Y
    Check page credits usage history Y Y
    Deactivate an account Y
    Link a Dynamsoft account to a cloud account Y Y
  • 8. When will my files be deleted from Dynamsoft server?

    For the imported images/scans,

    − After successful OCR processing, the image files are purged from Dynamsoft server right away.

    − If you uploaded a file and do not perform OCR on it within 30 days, our system will automatically remove it.

    For the OCR results,

    − You can delete it on exporting to a cloud. Or, you can manually delete a file on the "Document Repository" page. Dynamsoft Document Capture

    − Otherwise, your file will live on Dynamsoft’s server for 30 days from its creation date. After 30 days, our system will automatically remove your file. Please be sure to forward your files to external data storage services in time.